About Me

Writing can be seen as a process of discovery, a journey. Want to share the ride?

Hi Folks,

I am Gaurav. A traveler through the journey of..  (no that sounds crap)… A curious, imaginative.. (naah that is not so great..) an engineer plus MBA.. (nopes, this won’t do.)

I am a dreamer.  (Hmm this sounds ok..)

I love stories. I wrote my first comic storybook when I was 10, first novella at 14. Of course, they were never published. Nor did I care. I loved writing, and loved sharing them with friends. And its not just stories, I ponder a lot on how we think and act, and am frequently drawn to the question of what makes for a better life.

Over the years, I have read a lot, met many interesting people, have done stuff which I think is pretty cool. (now, working on how the Porsche Carrera 911 will be like in 2025 is pretty cool).

But I am full of discontent. The more I know, the more the desire to discover the world grows.

So, well, here is the blog which tells about some of the experiences I have had, some stories I shared, some thoughts which burst out, and some images I found moving. (Missed it, I love taking pictures too).

Hope you enjoy it. Always willing to engage in great conversation.

Do share !


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