Delft Diaries – 5

February 21, 2016 § Leave a comment

Finally the rubber hits the road. Groups have been allotted and work has been divided. And it’s fun cool nice.

Mood swings are lower now, and I am surprised how much that depends on the weather. When the sun is out, it’s impossible not to feel good about the day, about life, about everything. And when it’s rainy and cold, things are opposite.

Day 13

Valentine’s day was nothing special – we don’t celebrate it very much anyway. But as the days pass, I miss the mornings with my wife Swati. The cup of tea in bed, and the discussions on life, and the breakfast.

Aah, back to Delft.

I went to the huge IKEA store.


Though smaller than a Big Bazaar and Sarvana Bhawan in Chennai, it was pretty huge, and for the first time I saw kids playing around. It felt good to think about having a family here with all the warm, cozy stuff.

Design, even on sets of knives they have the designer’s name written. I wonder regularly at the thoughtful design of everyday things.

It was a cold and rainy day, but I got good and important stuff.

After coming back from the store, I wasted a lot of time on the new edition of my favorite 3D game – Infinity Blade. Enjoy the screenshots !

Day 14

A bit adventurous.

I took an elective which seemed fun – 3D design. But as I sat through the class, I was nervous. This was way out of my depth. Materials, Splines,.. buzz. I like taking challenges, but of a certain type. This was like flying an airplane when you like taking challenges on the road.


See what I mean?

So, during the class break I was talking to a friend and told him I can’t do this, and he told his friend and he told his friend – who was the academic associate for another course, and bang I walked right in the middle of class in another course. Everyone looked at me odd, but things got under control soon.

Day 15

Today the sun was out – the pics from the start of this post. Just one class, and I spent a a few hours in this place (it’s called a library, but it’s unlike any I have seen).


It feels good to be there. In the night, I took some more pics.

‘Industrieel Ontwerpen’ is Dutch for ‘Industrial Design Engineering’. And yes, that car is right at the entrance.

Day 16

Nothing much, apart from seeing that – startup thinking is everywhere. And I want to remain a part of it.


Day 17

Got selected for a project with KLM – Royal Dutch Airlines here. First project outside core academics. Let’s see what happens. Worked on an assignment on Van Moof bicycles. Had no idea electric bicycles existed and they were part of a sharing system.

Also, a Van Moof Electric bike costs ~ 3,000 Euros. That’s 2.3 Lac INR.

And yes, these are again, incredibly well-designed. Wish to get one, some-day.

Day 18

Another day with work – classes and group assignments. Had a misunderstanding with a friend. Cleared it.

Got awesome news in the morning. My sister had a son. She has a daughter – Navya. And Navya really wanted a younger brother. She has one now :).

Day 19

Mostly boring day – no classes. Had a nice chat session with a friend from Engineering College who lives in a nearby city. Lot of pros and cons about Europe, the situation in India. Hope to get to his place soon for Biriyani.

This has been a long one – for I don’t plan to write day-wise stuff now. Things are getting into a settled mode with work getting more intense. Will update in case of special events.

Hope you enjoyed it 🙂



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