Delft Diaries – 4

February 13, 2016 § Leave a comment

Well, can’t trust WordPress. I wrote a long post and set it to auto-publish at a given date. And now it’s just gone. Anyway, we shall re-build.

Day 8

Visual Communication Class. Monotonous. But had a lot of fun with colors. Made this:

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 4.04.51 PM

I know it looks ugly. But well this is version 1.0 and that’s all we were given time for. I felt very nervous seeing plain breathtaking painting and drawing around me, but in the end, I did fairly well. This was meant to be a visualization of our journey as a designer.

Evening was better – found a supermarket 5 mins walk from my home and got a lot of things to eat. Also, spent some time ‘strategizing’ about time here. I need to learn Dutch to experience this place better. Don’t know how though.

Day 9 

Lot of time was classroom and group work. While the topic was very interesting – blockchain technology – it was not presented as such. Or maybe I have an aversion to classrooms. I want to do stuff. I like to listen to interesting stuff, but not to lectures.

After out group work, I gave half of our presentation. Was comfortable speaking to a crowd of mostly Dutch students. While working, I found the Dutch to be much less rigorous than the Germans. People from Germany have an insane work ethic, but I expected the Dutch to be at least 70% of that. Probably further experience will refine my opinion. Other side – Dutch people seem more friendly and fun-oriented.

Day 10

Today was off, so I cooked my first meal here. Just some potato curry with ‘khakra’. It tasted good, and felt awesome. Room-mate also liked it.


In the evening, we had to meet our ‘buddies’ and go for a party. I finally realized that parties are not for me. It’s good to turn up for attendance, but since I don’t drink and do not prefer dancing to loud music between strangers, there is no point wasting time like this. Better to explore new places (like at Rotterdam).

Day 11

A very nice day – good weather, good friends, a museum and coffee.

During first half, felt humbled when I saw the design portfolios of my Korean and Taiwanese friends. The Taiwanese guy has designed a 3-D scooter ! (he was a product manager at SYM). All I have are some logos. And it is not just a scooter, it is a scooter which has removable seats and can double as a table-chair thing and it was not just the idea but the actual 3-D design of the thing and it was god so awesome.

I am better than most people I see here at communication and language skills. But core product design, these people knock me out. And that’s mission accomplished. I came here to learn and be inspired from awesome design and their work did that.

Next half of the day was spent at Museum Prinsenhof. Again, I was wrong. While I saw Delft as ok types developed with some history, I did not know it had such an awesome historical tradition. The founder of Netherlands, William of Orange, was killed in Delft – the museum still has the bullet marks – he was also the 1st person to be killed with a handgun.

The painter Vermeer, which you never heard of, lived here. But maybe you have seen his painting:


And the Museum was an awesome experience. 2 hours were not enough to explore it. There were advanced HCI devices, plays, and touch-screens.

After the Museum, we sat having coffee and it was what EU has meant for me – exploring culture, relaxed evening in a coffeehouse near a canal, having good conversation with friends. I learned a lot during this conversation too.

Day 12

The intense pangs of loneliness are gone now. Same with the few nightmares. Though I still have some random, not-understood dreams. I reflect more on the awesomeness of EU and how I have been able to make it after such a long effort. As I learn more about the surroundings and make more and deeper friendships, I guess things will become much better.

Today being a Saturday, I just lazed around in the first half. Then cooked potatoes (that’s all I cook for now) and read Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s work ‘Fooled by Randomness’ in between.

I thought I wouldn’t get time for reading here but I am – have been able to cover ~300 pages in the last 10 days (not a big number, but bigger than my expectations). Also, reading Taleb is just fun.

Tried to find a compelling documentary on Dutch history on YouTube. Failed. Do let me know if you can.

Until next week !


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