Delft Diaries

February 3, 2016 § 3 Comments

So, I am now in Netherlands.

Alone in my room in a very silent place. Got used to the noise back home. There is SO MUCH to write and say, and I am missing my family bad.

Room-mate here is a helpful guy.

Last night was extraordinarily lonely. But then, I was *very* tired too.

Let’s see what today brings (So far it’s just been – lounging in my room trying to make sense of my luggage).

Some pics from Day 1 at Delft:


Day 2:

I was better prepared – with more familiarity with the tram stops and my residence. Also, carried less stuff around.

I marveled again at how ‘developed’ Delft is. I imagined it to be a quaint little university town (like Oestrich Winkel) – but this is more like a mini-city. The canals resemble those at Amsterdam and the market places cover a large area – hell, this seems bigger than the parts of Amsterdam I explored. The University too has a well designed layout and gives a breathtaking view in the night.

Met mostly exchange students here – the introduction program aligns towards them as few regular students join in the winter semester. One of them was an Australian Black Muslim – talk about diversity ! And he seemed the best well-read among all I met.

My roomie (rooms are separate but connected in a bigger ‘hall’) is nine years younger – so of course I feel what the hell am I doing with my life. My nephews and nieces are older than that. I don’t know how it will be with the people I study with. At least our life concerns do not match. Marriage and partnership dominate emotions at this age. But I think more about my wife and parents.

Going around the city, sometimes I stop and think – Oh my God, I have actually made it to Europe! I dreamed about this for so long ! The beautiful and clean roads, canals, trees, the green grass – everything is like I imagined and better than any pictures can show. And yet, as soon as I have it, I have discounted it, and I think being with my family is very important. Mixed feelings, friends.

But it is satisfying to get a very good room here. Very silent, well-furnished with a wide table to read and write and think – happy thing 🙂

Students here are telling me that the program is very grueling. I have already met people taking 4 years to complete their Master’s degree ! They say it’s tough to graduate. I didn’t bother about it (because IIM), but too many people saying it has alerted me now.

I don’t have clear answers regarding where to push my career, but I console myself – made it to here – will make it further too.


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