Pill for Mental Peace in Daily Life

April 28, 2013 § 5 Comments

“Gaali na dein to pagal hi ho jaayein”

(If I do not use swear words, I will go crazy.)The Buddha

The most penetrating insights into human behavior are not found in books of great thinkers, but from people working on the street. Struggling for every bit of their existence.

The quote above was said to me by the driver of an auto-rickshaw – commonly known as aΒ share-auto, where many passengers on the same route share it.

I was sitting on the front seat along-side him, when someone from a different route asked him if he would go on that route. The poor customer was given a sharp retort by the driver, to the effect of he not having a clue where he wanted to go.

The reaction was so strong, that to my own surprise, I started laughing. The driver was puzzled for an instant and then he joined in too, and shared his insight into use of the device which keeps us sane.

Calcutta, or Kolkata, as it is now called, is a crowded place. It is hot and humid to boot and public transport can become make one irritated . I can only imagine what kind of a tough life an auto-rickshaw driver has, where he cannot even sit properly (there are three people in the front seat, in a space which would be used by one, if he was in a car). And then there are these unions who demand to be fed by money earned by workers.

It’s understandable. And in any field of life which is highly competitive, I can understand –Β 

“Gaali na dein, to pagal hi ho jaayein”.


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