April 14, 2013 § 3 Comments

An enormous chasm opened before him. It was sudden, it was infinite, it was unexpected. Just a few moments ago, everything was alright, it was a tried and tested path, and now…

He could hear his mother – she sounded worried. She was quickly worried whenever she sensed he was in trouble. Meanwhile his father was relaxed and comforted her that nothing would happen. But the chasm was terrifying. Wide. There was no beginning or end to it.


“Time for discussions over true love, justice, our planet, it’s over man,” said Sam, his friend. He was a dark and thin guy, wearing a French beard and a cigarette.

“It’s all about money, position, and success now,” a ring of smoke escaped. It was perfectly round.

Still, he could not understand. People were right, he really was slow. But the people above, on the ladder, were more miserable, as far as he could see. They looked unhealthy. They laughed lesser. Even when giving good news, they sounded sad, as if life itself was a tragedy. Their only joy was consumption of expensive things. A sick kind of satiation.

“Maybe the time to discuss the ideal life is over,” he thought, “but it is not yet time to discuss death”.


§ 3 Responses to Hope

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