Then and Now

April 30, 2011 § 3 Comments

An inspiring letter to my Past Self, or information to a Future Companion.

Earlier, I wanted to make others happy,
Now, I want someone who can make me happy.

Earlier, I wanted to be trustworthy,
Now, I want someone worthy of my trust.

Earlier, I wanted others to hold my hand,
Now, I want someone whose hand I would want to hold.

Earlier, I asked for forgiveness,
Now, I decide whether I should forgive.

Earlier, I was the defendant,
Now, I am the judge.

Earlier, I wanted to prove myself,
Now, nothing remains to be proved.

Earlier, I was a boy,
Now, I am a man.


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§ 3 Responses to Then and Now

  • Sheetanshu says:

    You are a man notta dude.
    Girls have fun. But they set a limit. A girl with same limit is lost sister. One with lower limit is too middleclass. The one with higher is slut.
    Guys have fun too. Limit is set by the girl they are with. The guys who played till same limit are buddy. The one aiming lower is a loser, one playing higher is Dude.

    Dudes need sluts. You are a Man.

  • Hi, sorry but I do not understand your argument. Can you present it in simpler language? Thanks.

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