Looking for someone? Try Orkut

April 26, 2011 § 2 Comments

Issued in Public’s Interest.

You try to find person on Facebook (FB) with whom you have no common friends to your knowledge.
Fails. (Most of the time) Or actually, gives you so many results, it’s not practical to look at each profile, esp when they have strange profile pics. Why do people choose celeb pics?

Anyways, log-on to good old Orkut.
Search for the person there. Use their city/company/college along with the name for a focussed search.
Success. (If fails, forget it)
Maybe the secret is that orkut is ‘powered’ by Google. Facebook uses Bing. Bing.

Side Tip 1: LinkedIn is good for some details, like college, previous employer – and it’s almost always public information.

Look at person’s communities on Orkut.
Look at people in the community of the person’s college.

Side Tip 2: Orkut is also advantageous in the sense that it has testimonials and communities which tell more about someone’s personality.

Now, look for these people on FB.
Then, search for the original person in their friend list.

Eureka – you now have the FB profile of the person you were looking for. Probable access to pics, and possibility of contacting them directly.

Side Tip 3: Of course, do not forget good old Google. A search string in the format “First Name + Last Name + College/Company” can probably lead to interesting information not available on Social Networking sites.

Kya kya karna padta hai…

Help needed: Do share if you find more efficient ways to find people or information about them !

Interesting Fact: There is a business about protecting privacy online.


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