Of Uncle-Jis, and other Random Things about Life at Home

March 16, 2011 § 7 Comments

So I am here at home after finishing all the academic requirements of MBA life. I do have stuff to do and things to learn. For example, I have started reading Twilight (and to my surprise, enjoying it). But somehow, I am not doing much more than that. However, life at home is much different than life at college, sometimes more random. Like this :

Dad: Look at this joke I got on SMS ! (Reads out the joke)
Mom (immediately after): Pudin Hara kahan rakha hai?

Seemingly disconnected conversations are a part of life at home, and I am pretty used to them. But stranger things may happen, like the night when I am happily moving about at home wearing my pyjamas and vest and with a slight French beard and a dragon tattoo on my arm (remnants of recent Goa trip), and I get to know: Ladki waale aaye hain. (Huh !! I run for cover, literally !).
Shortly after:

Dad: Her father is a Tehsildar
Me: Oh, I don’t even know what that means, Tehsildar (sounds like something from long forgotten civics books)
Dad: (explains about how it has something to do with registering houses and all)
Me: I am going upstairs

But friends, thats nothing when compared to what is inflicted by the curious, the inquisitive, the omni-present… Uncle-Jis !!

I bring to you, two scenes of Uncle-Jis unleashed:

Scene 1: Uncle-Ji at his Shop. Happens to be an old Family Friend

Shop Uncle: How are you beta?
Me: I am fine, Uncle
Shop Uncle: Kya kar rahe ho?
Me: Ji MBA
Shop Uncle: Kahan se?
Me: Indore se
Shop Uncle: Indore mei kahan se?
Me: IIM Indore se
Shop Uncle: Kyun, Ahmedabad mei nahi hua?
(Huh? wtf? Good question !)
Me: Ji Nahi
Shop Uncle: Acchha, mere saale ke ladke ka IIM Calcutta mei ho gaya hai
Me: Ji bahut achha

I mean, really thanks for that information. I would be better off talking to people ignorant about B-School rankings. Here and now, I take this vow, never to be updated on such rankings, so I can talk to younger people about their life and dreams, and not about my saale ka ladka.

Scene 2: Uncle-Ji at a party. Friend of Dad.

Party Uncle: Aur beta MBA khatam?
Me: Ji Uncle (Now he will ask about the placements and package)
Party Uncle: Placement ho gaya?
Me: Ji Uncle (Come on, ask about the package)
Party Uncle: Kahan pe hua?
Me: Ji.. (I tell the company’s name) mein (But I know you want to know the package only)
Party Uncle: Joining kahan hai?
Me: Ji starting Mumbai mei hai (Man, now I am getting irritated, come to the point, Sir)
Party Uncle: Achha, kab?
Me: 1st June ko (Could he really be the one who does not ask the package?)
Party Uncle: Achha package kitna hai?
Me: (Bingo !!) .. (I tell him the package)
Party Uncle: Achha
Me: Hmm

End of Conversation. I decide that the next time someone asks me that, I am going to quote half the value, and the next to that, double the value. Let’s see the reactions then.

Well, I take leave for now. I have discovered HIMYM (apart from Twilight), and rediscovered my love for my Pulsar 150 DTSi. Should be back soon with something more ‘content-rich’ to write.

PS: I Love Home.


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