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A Brief History of My Blogging Life.

Blog 1: ‘A Dreamer’s Diary’
Time Span – July 2005 to January 2007, Posts – Around 120

Posts were unstructured. Much were straight from the heart. Presented the dilemmas of growing up, friends, love, marriage, job, ambitions, and as the name says, dreams. Was a means of self-expression, creativity, a vent to let out the desires and frustrations in me. Did decently well, I got quite some comments and there were some very interesting discussions, especially on relationships. It was also a means of keeping in touch with people and keeping them updated about my plans – we use Facebook/Twitter for that now.

Then I hit some rough times, and that was the end of it. One of the purposes of the blog was that I wanted to be famous because of it. Now I did not. Thus Green was born.

P.S.: It was hosted on rediffblogs, and seems to be taken off now. I do have a PDF of the whole thing though.

Blog 2: ‘my name is green’
Time Span – January 2007 to Current, Posts – 184

Green began when the previous one ended. It was my secret identity. For its first 2 years, only a handful of people knew about the blog (and maybe some who had discovered it through blogspot). I wanted it to be place of peace, for me alone, and some trusted friends. I always had some kind of ‘insights’ into people, and on the previous blog, I used to try to embed them in a story. Not so with Green. What came to mind by itself, pure and peace giving, would go on the blog directly.

I received awesome feedback on it by the few, and it was great to see that if that string is entered on Google, the first page is the blog. Also, I came across a blog which had directly copy pasted stuff from Green. I was flattered.

Green to me is a work of art and it looks like it has slowed, but it has its own pace. I never plan posts for it, have not disclosed my identity. Have not changed the looks in any way in the last four years. Even disallowed comments on it for a long time – I did not like the way people misinterpreted what was written, and did not want to explain. But I always wanted to connect with the people who really like it, and listen if and how, it has helped them. Don’t know how I will do it, though.

Blog 3: ‘Ideas…’ now called ‘Point. Blank.’ This blog you are reading.
Time Span – October 2009 to Current, Posts – 36

Hallmark of my identity crisis. The name was vague (I mean, what can be more generic than ‘Ideas’?). Also mentioned that in a post called Feedback. I got some good suggestions, but did not implement any. At IIM Indore, I always felt in a sort of image trap, and was never able to break out of it. Not that it was not useful, but it was not me to a large extent. However, with time, the identity of the blog did evolve slowly. Some posts were very well-received too. But still, I knew some change was needed. Tried to change the theme, but could find none I liked.

Well, now it has changed. It’s still in the process of evolution, but this has been a strong definite step. To change the name, and to change the theme. More free, more relaxed, more myself.

Lets see how things turn out.


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