What has B-School meant for me?

March 1, 2011 § 3 Comments

Last night I was chatting with an MBA friend and she asked what has B-School meant for me. Interesting, I did not think of it before – but now, I think I can sum it up. B-school has meant business.

It has meant all seriousness to academics, following the system and knowing that being a non-conformist is just an escape most of the time, and deriving benefit even when it was not clearly ‘out there’. It has been about being somewhat linear, but it has also been about being dependable and focussed.

B-school has also meant international experience – a dream I cherished since a long time, and I truly enjoyed it. New people, new places, new perspectives. B-school has also meant friends. I have always striven to be one, and want few. But as one friend put it, I was too independent. Maybe yes, but I am only human, and happy to know that friends have been there when I needed them most.

It has been about some humongous challenges, about taking failure in stride, and getting back up and moving on to whats next ASAP. Being in class with some of the best brains in the country, individuals whose drive, capability to work, talent, skill at handling multiple tasks and knowledge has been amazing. I have never seen such people anywhere yet.

It has been about learning – about business and management concepts and about having a new perspective on creating value (more influential than the words of a certain Miss Ayn Rand). Being here has taught me to look at the society and businesses from a more rational standpoint. It has been about being analytical and structured in approaching almost everything.

Most importantly, though, B-school has given me more confidence in my abilities to work and deliver results. Armed with faith, knowledge and friends, I believe I can now face the world a stronger person.



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§ 3 Responses to What has B-School meant for me?

  • naveen gupta says:

    Nice!! 🙂
    Well to put it in single word, it meant Revival for you. Ain’t it?

  • Aviral says:

    I can use this as my answer to the question “What do yo expect to learn at B-school??” 🙂

  • @Naveen – Thanks.. yes, to an extent 🙂
    @Aviral – ha ha, didn’t think of this perspective.. but don’t do this.. there are many other cool things here which I did not do (partly because I had done similar stuff at Engg college though on a smaller scale).. do aim to live it as fully as possible, and in line with what you think is best for you.

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