Nuggets Reloaded

January 16, 2011 § 2 Comments

The post Nuggets was well-received. So, continuing my habit of noting down crazy things which occur to me from time to time, here are more of those. Don’t take any too seriously !

Here we go –

*Humor and listening.. create the space where dissent can exist without destruction.

*When I want someone to listen, they assume I want them to talk.

*People want to talk about their problems, they already know the solution.

*Triangles are like humans, they have an in-circle, outer circle and even an ex-circle.

*The thing I like about kids that they are not ashamed to show how happy they are.

*What you can’t do can be a better guide to career planning than what you can.

*We need failure to keep growing. Being in a state of constant superiority would bore us to death.

*Better to disarm than to attack.

*Some people are not workaholics, but reward-a-holics.

*If you adjust to a problem, you will never solve it.

*In the short term, betting on pure chance is better than betting on the goodness of people.

*Gambling is not bad, losing in gambling is bad.

*Women: the only addiction which demands that you leave all others.

*I think religion was invented by some very smart atheists.

*Earning is a science, but spending is an art.

*Ask not what the system can do for you, ask what you can get done from the system.

*If you keep your warmth to yourself, you burn !

*The lonelier one feels, the louder one plays the music.

*I hope we played more of truth and care.

*I don’t want to change the world.. but a few adjustments will do.

*If you always over-perform, you are always underpaid.

*Its easy to wash away sins, its the good deeds which cause the trouble.

*What to do is difficult to plan, what not to do is difficult to execute.

*The problem with ageing is that you have to act like a grown up when you know you aren’t !

*A society can be corrupt only if each individual is.

*If one is serious about work, one is serious about rest.

*Efficiency is not the virtue of an artist.

*Respect women. But not so much that you only respect them.

*Breaking-up is better than breaking down. But its far better to break-even.

*A young man should find someone to ruffle his hair – while he still has them.

Do share your thoughts 🙂

About the pic: Met a Lithuanian girl in Paris. She took me to this bookshop near the Notre-Dame which also had a piano. She played beautifully.


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