In love with Oestrich-Winkel

November 14, 2010 § Leave a comment

Yes, that’s the village in Germany where I am living.

Today is a Sunday, and I have been alone all day long.

Sitting in this room, no deadline (none near enough at least), watching movies (enjoyed Namaste London), and wishing for some human contact.

So, in the evening I went out for a jog. I have disliked winters all my life. But somehow I love them in OW. I wear less warm clothing than the natives ! But enjoy the cold.. and enjoy it more if I get hold of ice-cream. 🙂

Again, I always wondered, how can people be so enthusiastic about exercising or running and all the fitness stuff. I tried it, never carried on for more than a month. And even then it was something like setting a target, or to bust some stress. It was always some effort to exercise. But here, I just feel like running.. and spontaneously break into a jog. And today was great as I jogged along the Rhine river, a beautiful view with steamboats and ferries on the left, and cars zipping by on the right. Nature and technology. Fast cars, yet cleanliness and greenery.

And here its fun to breathe. Again, we are always told that deep breathing is good for health, yoga, etc. However these days I find myself taking deep breaths just because it feels good and healthy. Just enjoy taking the fresh air in. The area is all vineyards, river and trees. The health effects, I guess, are instantaneous.

And since its so silent a place, the sleep is really great. Its like jumping into this deep well, blacking out, and emerging in peace. No intrusion of thoughts or suppressed desires. It’s not always so good, but most of the times.

Well, they won’t last here too long now, but these are definitely some of the best days of my life.


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