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October 13, 2010 § 6 Comments

I can’t exactly recall when it died, but the works of Vivekananda were a very strong source of inspiration for me around 7 years back. As a young engineering college student, I was very ambitious, feeling that fire in me, to do something different, really, really out of the general league. Yes, at that time self-motivation, and thus the powerful words of Vivekananda were a source of strength. Also, I enjoyed the dialogues of Socrates – they were clarifying, and of course, the arguments were fun from a purely intellectual point of view.

Then, at some point when I was at Chennai, the mind got peace and clarity by reading what Jiddu Krishnamurti had said. This was interspersed with teachings of the Buddha (and Siddhartha remains a preferred book today), and the words of Jesus and Guru Nanak. I was in my first job, new, and far away from home. It was very peaceful, a lot of my perspectives changed, prejudices disappeared and I saw the world more clearly. That continued for around 2-3 years. But around a year back, I read about Krishnamurti’s life in his biography and then the disillusionment happened. I stopped reading the books.

And I don’t remember ever being inspired by people in business, art, science or sports. Was a fan, yes. But did not draw strength from them. It was always those who had tried to understand life, and to bring positive change, with more focus on the former part.

Now, nothing of that remains.

But there is still inspiration. Much simpler, and more real. And it’s from people around me, people I have seen growing alongside me over the years. I draw lessons from the lives of my batch-mates, the ones who made it good by following their passion, even when they were not great academic performers. But they were true to themselves. And many quietly faced hardships, kept going on, and have not forgotten those who helped them on the way. They may be selfish and ambitious too, but honest in the choice and the following of their goals.

Lessons from reality are not fancy or fiery, they are satisfying.


§ 6 Responses to Who inspires

  • Kapil Arya says:

    Nice Post!!
    I too am noticing similar changes and can connect to what you are trying to say. For me it involves changes in a few very basic and fundamental beliefs and grounds as well. I couldn’t have imagined any slight change in them a few years back.

  • Thanks Kapil !
    Ya, its always a learning experience to see the beliefs of oneself being questioned.

  • kapsa says:

    i like this post… and the change you’ve mentioned..
    I never believed in role models.. just observe people.. each will have some good qualities( even those whom you may detest) and some bad.. you try to imbibe the qualities you like.. and try to avoid the ones you dont..
    For the qualities you don’t like.. at times it is an interesting exercise to try to figure out why the person has them because basically all of us are rational beings and do things that makes sense to us.. so figure out why that moron acts the way he does and you understand that he is actually not a moron.. πŸ™‚ prevents you from hating anyone πŸ™‚

    life becomes so much simpler πŸ™‚

  • Thanks Kapil πŸ™‚
    Liked the line “. so figure out why that moron acts the way he does and you understand that he is actually not a moron”

  • gothamblitz says:

    Drawing inspiration from the ones around you, I think, is both easy and difficult as compared to those “role-model-type-ppl”.
    Easy coz it’s all happening at that time (not some “once upon a time” narration). And difficult coz their struggle is not always as evident as that of the “role-model-type-ppl”(the story of the latter is better documented πŸ™‚ )

    In any case, the amount of inspiration drawn from the greats has reduced over time for me(in this respect, what you say makes much sense)

  • Yes, as we grow, images seem less important. Role models are better documented, but distant, and we can never know which details were hidden.

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