July 20, 2010 § 26 Comments

In the B-School classroom, though there is an effort to listen and understand, the mind wanders and I jot down thoughts. So here I present some chosen nuggets. Almost all which came to mind without any effort – some ideas might not mean much, some might be abstruse, but some might be fun !

*Never let a teacher interfere with your learning.

*Sometimes the only thing I learn from failures is that they happen.

*If people are places, language is the ticket.

*Sometimes I think God is a painter, sometimes I think He is a cartoonist.

*The problem with ageing is that you have to act like a grown up when you know you aren’t !

*If someone tells you the answers, it greatly reduces the chances of you really knowing.

*When we know we are actually inferior or superior, does it bother? Facts are ok, not accepting them may not be.

*Sometimes laughing can be tiring.

*The problem is that people don’t fall in love.

*It would be enough if people were prepared for the expected.

*One should know when to talk in other person’s language, and when to make the other talk in his.

*One must never say sorry except, of course, when one does not mean it.

*Be a person of content, presentation will follow.

*Since I am pursuing postgraduate degree in management, I subscribe to The Economic Times now. I read Dilbert.

*The problem is that people truth a lot.

*Toughest assignment – “Figure yourself out”.

*People are basically egoistic, so praise and criticism will always affect them.

*“If they are gone, they were never really yours” – my philosophy for hair loss.

*Success makes you sexy.

*Ambition, competition, can make you stupid.

*They say – “Guest talk is compulsory.” I hear – “It’s not worth listening to.”

*Never give simple advice.

*We compare when we don’t like something, we compare it with others to make us feel good.

*Important interview is not what you will give to McKinsey, but what you will give to yourself when you die.

*There is some part of us which is pure.

*Useless talk is a source of great happiness.

Hope you liked them. Do share your ideas πŸ™‚


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