The Carpenters

July 3, 2010 § 7 Comments

In the village they met on a project to build furniture at the new home of a rich man’s house. They were somewhat different in backgrounds and abilities, but similar in how they thought. Which is generally the most important similarity needed for friendship.

The senior was almost a legend in the field. Good with the instruments, known for the hard work. It was rumored that he never slept. The junior was talented and known in his own right, but he too was somewhat in awe of the senior. The smiling, unassuming, relaxed man – whom few had seen sleeping. The work progressed, and both men came to respect each other.

They talked about their work, the rich man, the instruments needed to succeed in the trade. But they rarely stepped across the personal boundaries. They did not know why. But the comfort level grew as they worked along.

One early morning, junior woke to find the senior immersed in work. He was working on a fresh piece of wood. Bent over it in intense concentration, chiseling out a particularly rough area. The project was well on time and there was no reason for him to be working at that hour.

Junior stared for a moment, then said, “I know your secret. You have loved.”

A slight smile crossed the senior’s face but he made no reply and continued working. There was an almost imperceptible increase in the pressure on the chisel.


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