June 25, 2010 § 7 Comments

Hi Reader,

This blog faces an identity crisis.

In engineering college days, I wrote one called A Dreamer’s Diary. Its aim was simple – to express myself as I wanted, to be famous, to be in touch, to try out new ways of writing, to be everything. I was bursting with energy and it was the outlet.

Things changed, and I started writing a blog anonymously. Called my name is green , it remained known to very few for the first two years of its existence. And after that I shared it with few people, but its still anonymously written.

Few years went by. I received flattering words for it, but things changed again and I felt that I wanted to come out of the shell of anonymity. I had reason to believe that it has a lot of readers whom I don’t know, but its designed in a way that I can’t connect with them. But it would, I felt, damage its identity if I revealed the authorship. Somehow, that would hit its ‘purity’. But I also wanted – a name. And in this tension, this blog was born.

Initially, did some test posts in general, with Experience of writing a story being the first real one. Then again, as there was not many people reading, wrote some small stuff. But things changed with The Matrix. Got a good number of hits and, I hope, some regular readers. Also, pressure developed to go for better quality.

Wanted to continue writing, but couldn’t ignore other demands either. So, being in B-School, thought I would write about business models, observations on management, and the like. Thought of that as the blog’s ‘positioning’. However, that does not seem to be working.

People told me that this was not comparable to ‘green’, and I was surprised some also liked the ‘Dreamer’s Diary’ one much better. So, here I am, not really knowing what to do. In the older writings – there was one underlying driver – the urge to make a difference to someone’s life by making them think what they had not thought before, by communicating a new perspective, by really changing someone’s world forever. Don’t know how much it worked, but yes, that was the motivation.

However, now I don’t think that way, and don’t want to stop writing. For the intense feelings area, ‘green’ is fine. Trying to write about business – has not worked well.

You have read this far. Can you tell me what to write?


§ 7 Responses to Feedback

  • Sumeet says:

    Write about stuff that excites you.. There are a million blogs in the world, why should someone read yours, rite? Give them a reason to read yours and this reason should match your area of interest.. Just off the top of my head, buddy.. 😛 😀

  • sheetanshu says:

    two blogs. one mind. various ideas.

    efficient ones. best ones. for green.
    rest for this. bad idea?!
    seems like.

    looks like choice of temptations. either publish just the best ones and get some authentic admiration. Or, write more frequently, for the writer in you.

    choice is to feed your writer frequently here or get silent and real admiration on anonymous green.

    or be a manager and get both.

  • Kapil says:

    Write the ideas in Green. Weave a story around those ideas and publish them here 🙂

  • […] (I mean, what can be more generic than ‘Ideas’?). Also mentioned that in a post called Feedback. I got some good suggestions, but did not implement any. At IIM Indore, I always felt in a sort of […]

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