Where is she?

May 13, 2010 § 6 Comments

A short story on the power of relationships.

Two boys, B1 and B2 are talking about information, analysis and a cute girl.

B1: Information is everything in business and in other aspects of life. It can not only get various things done, it directly affects your bottom-line. In simple words, it makes you money.

B2: Yeah. I agree.

B2: In today’s world, you need sophisticated analytical tools to know more and act quickly on that. Big servers, mammoth algorithms to crunch tremendous data. First, you need the sources. Second, you need the tools to act on those sources to get meaningful information.

B2: Yeah, I see that.

B1: Let’s take an example. I want to know where exactly G1 – the cute girl we know, works. We can find that, to a large degree, by doing a step by step analysis.

B2: Can we?

B1: Sure. See, we know she works in Supercool Corp. And that company has 5 offices in Mumbai. So without any other information, we assume that all offices are eqully llikely and say that the probability of her being at say, office at Marine Drive is 20%.

B2: Okay…

B1: Now, I checked on Google and the website of the company to get an idea about the profiles they offer. In 3 of the 5 offices, there is very little chance of her getting the work they have. Her kind of work would likely be at the other 2. With some info, we can get some figures here.

B2: Nice, go on…

B1: Now, in the other 2 offices, the previous data shows that office on Marine Drive has had more people from our B-School. So based on that data… I can say that there is around 85% chance that she works at the Marine Drive office.

B2: Cool…

B1: Yeah dude, see that is the power of analyt..

B2: But I know for 100% that she works at the Marine Drive office.

B1: Uhh ?

B2: I asked her πŸ™‚


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