Making Tomorrow

May 5, 2010 § 7 Comments

As the train moved the friends were sleeping and the laptop batteries were out and so I needed something to think. Wondered what would the world be like, after, say 10 years or so? What skills would be prized? Here are a few ideas:

It’s supposed to be ‘here’ in business, but I think a lot remains on the personal level. How many of us have friends from other countries? Do we interact daily? Do we have the same language and references? Also, there is a movement of information across the globe, but are people really moving around so much? I think this should increase a lot in the coming years. In distant future, one would have as many friends from other countries as from one’s home country. Maybe more.

So in a global world, which skills would be in demand? Communication skills will become much more important as individuals manage large personal networks (I already see people on Facebook with 1000+ friends). In an everyday barrage of information, one will need outstanding presentation skills to even get oneself heard. About analysis, computers are already doing enormous number crunching. It would be a valuable skill to work with and interpret the results of sophisticated analytical tools.

Social Networks
Facebook might be in danger if it does not innovate rapidly, while Twitter should remain. While makers of Facebook (and related 3rd parties) have to anticipate user needs and evolve, Twitter’s growth is directly in the users’ hands – they develop the apps they need. Orkut already looks on the way out. LinkedIn has done what seems to be right thing as suggested by strategists – don’t try to be all things to all people. Focus on professional networking means it might be here for some time to come.

I invite you to share your ideas regarding the future. For one, it’s fun to think how things will change, especially the ones which we are used to. Another – by thinking about how the future will look like, we are, to some extent, creating it.


§ 7 Responses to Making Tomorrow

  • Naveen Gupta says:

    Like it. Well frm here I can understand it better. Can actually experience the importance of communication and networking. Can guess what globalization means in real sense. But there are a lot more things that would be rewarded. How adjusting you are and how much you can put up with would be a great factor. Coz believe me its not easy to adjust..
    Its simply not!!

    • Anonymous says:

      cell phone. iPods. PDAs. Laptops. TVs. Set top boxes. PS3s. wi-fi routers. just too many devices. people are going to demand all the services on a single console. single huge monitor. with cellphone acting as remote control for all.

      10 years from now google, apple, reliance, SONY, TATA, Bharti, all will be fighting each other for similar services they will provide on this console along with the network.

      our kids won’t believe we used to wait for deewalis to get one of these devices yearly.

  • sheetanshu says:

    this anonymous was me. after 10 years, even outside china, we wouldn’t be able to post as anonymous. We would be saved on-the-line. you might as well find my latest BP and sugar level in my signature 😀

  • @Naveen, thanks for sharing this. I see that adjusting might be difficult especially after one has crossed childhood. Maybe the coming younger ones will get global exposure right from school.Wonder if primary schools of the future will make this a USP.

  • @Sheetanshu – Nice idea. But I think the technological and managerial challenges are huge on this one. Big players will have to collaborate.

    And though its like a no-brainer in Social Networking sites (we ‘need’ a single place for our contacts), but still we don’t see an integrated platform yet.

    BP and Sugar levels – looks like a long stretch 🙂
    But yeah anonymity will sure take a hit. Could there be people providing guaranteed anonymity on the web as a service?

    • sheetanshu says:

      PS3 console already allow you to browse, stream videos from your laptop to your TV, play DVDs, blueray movies, Set Top Box application (Read FiOS TV) is going to be launched soon on it. You can already use you mobile to schedule the recordings on your airtel digital TV.
      Apple released its console for TV some time back.

      .. and we are talking 10 whole years!!

      seems like natural succession of evolution to me.

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