Good/Bad, Silly?

April 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

Reading business and management literature brings one across a lot of structured ways of thinking (called frameworks) which are used to analyse business problems and help one towards a solution. Some of these are SWOT analysis, PEST analysis, Porter’s 5 Forces, McKinsey 7-S, Marketing 4 P’s etc, etc and etc.

They seem rather simple, and almost useless, good only for showing in assignments in class and maybe some reports in the corporate world.

So, are they useful at all? I am not qualified enough to comment on them, but would like to discuss  another framework.

An even simpler (and sillier-sounding) framework to help analyse a few things. I call it Good/Bad analysis. Take any thing – it can be your day, a practice test, or even a whole academic term. And think about all the things which were good and all others  which were bad about it.

Ponder over the list.

Maybe you will see a pattern which will reveal an insight about yourself – which had been buried under possibly less imporant thoughts and diversions.


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