The Matrix

March 6, 2010 § 13 Comments

Now I was up till late night (or early morning) making a presentation which, it turned out, would not even be graded. Ran to the class without a bath or breakfast, a few minutes late. Fatigued. So I zoned out in the Strategy class. Had seen these matrices before by consultants and scientists being done as a fun activity. So here I present, personally home grown – B-Schooler Matrix. Find out where you and your friends are. Read on !The Matrix isn't Real

The Axes –

Measuring Academic Performance
• Grades
• Additionally, exams like CFA may be taken into account

Measuring Social Interaction
• Participation in clubs, communities, competitions
• Facebook, Orkut, Twitter presence

And now the descriptions:

Total Stud “That was easy”
• Extremely Rare
• You can easily imagine him smiling
• Diverse knowledge

Super Talented“Why am I here?”
• Very good in one area, most probably design
• High on creativity
• Good with fellow students

RG Freak“Show me the money”
• High on hard work, low on creativity
• Low on communication
• Good with professors

Nirvana“F*ck everything”
• Very high on intelligence
• Addictive tendencies –poker, video games, dope, booze, or even books
• Comfortable with oneself and clear on priorities

Comments invited on how to upgrade/enrich/use the matrix.


§ 13 Responses to The Matrix

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