The experience of writing a story

February 21, 2010 § 3 Comments

So Ronaan my neighbor encouraged me into this creative writing competition at the institute. I was reluctant – thinking I should study instead. But I do like writing, and lo, I was there.

The competition was about writing a murder mystery which must include 14  given words used exactly once. Now I don’t like murder mysteries at all. So what to do?

I generally take a planned, structured approach for doing something which is important, and that’s what business schools condition you to do. But there was this realization that creativity is never a structured or analytical process. I could only rearrange things with a plan. Not create. So I decided to plunge in without a thought, and as they say, the story wrote itself.

As I began writing, I knew I wouldn’t want a human death to be involved. So it had to be an animal – a cat. I wrote the first paragraph without knowing about the second one. Then slowly, ideas came to the mind, and I kind of caught a flow. And then, it was like an exhilarating joyride ! It was like discovering a new place where you just go, you don’t know where the next step will lead but you just plunge in and every moment you discover something. Like driving a car in a rough terrain, where you have some control yet there is complete uncertainty about what’s coming. But as you move the picture gets clearer, there is more control, and  then you know how this will end and you reach the conclusion. Exhausted, and relieved.

The experience was awesome.


§ 3 Responses to The experience of writing a story

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