500 days !

So, I have now spent more than 500 days in the Netherlands, and maybe it’s time for some updates, some reflections, some new ideas and many old ones. There is a mouthful here, so I added some pictures, and tweets. Here goes. A New Mantra I am revamping some core components of my belief system… Continue reading 500 days !


As we grow apart in our work & personal lives it becomes harder to keep up. Every year, I send out a newsletter to friends to share updates on what I am doing and thinking. This year’s edition: 2016 – The year of mixed feelings Hope this year takes you to your happy place. P.S. Here are… Continue reading Newsletters

A probability mistake

Game 1 There is a box of marbles. You know, marbles like this. If 1000 such marbles are in a jar, 998 of them white, and 2 of them red. Now you dip your hand into these smooth marbles and take out one. What are the chances that it is red? Yes, 2/1000, or 0.2%. Fair game.… Continue reading A probability mistake

A fault in my thinking

Human brains are miraculous machines for pattern matching. I read quite a few books and many times I find thinking the same things as the author – esp if the author is a big intellectual authority. As a younger man (23), I found a lot of things in common with Vivekananda. Now, I feel a sense… Continue reading A fault in my thinking

Nuggets Reborn

So yes, I have crossed the 300 days mark in the Dutch Land. A lot has happened, because stuff keeps happening, you know. But rather than a review, here are some observations/insights in general which have been on my mind (and WhatsApp, and Twitter !) * Create products and stories. Destroy concepts and ideologies. *Rationality… Continue reading Nuggets Reborn

200 days !

So, I have crossed the 200 days mark in the Netherlands. Reflections are in order. So, far last 2 months or so, my wife Swati has been here and it has been a great time with a lot of trips and socialization and richly flavored food. Some key experiences before the internship started: Collage-making workshop. Probably the… Continue reading 200 days !

Delft Diaries – Day 100

100 days completed here at Delft. Some reflections are in order. How are things? Things are good. Better than before. Academics – Am scoring near or exactly the top of class in individual assignments, and fairly well in group work – overall efficient. In initial days, there were some fears of academic overload, but they are… Continue reading Delft Diaries – Day 100

Delft Diaries – 5

Finally the rubber hits the road. Groups have been allotted and work has been divided. And it’s fun cool nice. Mood swings are lower now, and I am surprised how much that depends on the weather. When the sun is out, it’s impossible not to feel good about the day, about life, about everything. And when… Continue reading Delft Diaries – 5